Peacemaking Terms and Conditions

Peacemaking Terms and Conditions
The information provided on this form will be used for case administration and Peace Advocate selection. This information will not be provided to other participants. A copy will be provided to the Peace Advocate who appointed to serve you.
By completing this form and returning a signed copy to The Cove Church, you are confirming your agreement to the following terms:
Coaching and Mediation procedures will be based on Biblical principles of, confession, forgiveness, resolution, and reconciliation.

I agree to follow these Biblical principles, pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit, engage in meaningful and productive conversation, and take responsibility for my part in the conflict or dispute.

I agree not to use offensive language, judgmental or labeling terms as I am not a specialist or trained to diagnose.

I agree to enter into this process with hopes of reconciliation, and agree to never use this as an opportunity to expose or hurt any persons involved.

I understand The Cove Church, and its team members are not legal representatives, and will not provide any legal advice or statements of law. Only the guidance of scripture, and leading of the Holy Spirit will be used to govern the process.

I understand that I have the right to seek legal advice from an independent attorney.

I agree that every part of this process is confidential, and that I will not discuss any communications or details with anyone outside of the process.

I agree that I will not hold The Cove Church or its team members liable for any error, act, or omission in connection with this process, and that I will not involve them as a witness in any litigation or legal proceeding, nor request information related to the process.

I understand that if resolution is not achieved during the process, The Cove Church will offer other biblical options such as Christian arbitration or Christian counseling by area professionals.
I understand The Cove Church reserves the right to contact the proper authorities if there is clear understanding that someone may be harmed, and to share pertinent information with church leaders about parties unwilling to cooperate or abide by an agreement reached during the process.

I agree that any dispute with The Cove Church or with a Peace Advocate arising out of or related to the Christian Resolution & Reconciliation Process shall be settled by mediation and, if necessary, legally binding arbitration in accordance with the applicable rules or procedures. If we are unable to agree on an administrator for the mediation or arbitration, administration of the process will be by PeacePoint or its designee.



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